26 novembre 2008

Quelques livres essentiels à l'approche de Noël

Croisée sur Amazon, une critique sur un livre un peu décevant, "Cinematography: Image Making for Cinematographers, etc.". Le client déçu liste des livres plus essentiels à ses yeux, et je le cite parce que je trouve son choix très perspicace:

If you want technicals, books which cover similar territory are "Matters of Light & Depth" (Lowell), "Cinematography" & "Film Lighting" (Malkiewicz), "Placing Shadows" (Gloman/Letourneau), or even "Bare-Bones Guide" (Schroeppel -- which includes a very practical description of the 'Rule of Thirds', ie. the "Golden Mean").

If you're on a 'classical' kick, you could do a whole lot worse than "5 C's" (Mascelli), "Painting with Light" (Alton), or even "The Visual Story" (Block), which explores new media thru the lens[sic] of Eisenstein. Actually, you probably should buy "5 C's" & "Painting" anyway; they're very old, & just-recently returned to print... & in this age of accelerated obsolescence, these books might vanish again, forever.

But if you are interested in the aesthetics of cinematography, you'd do *much* better with texts such as "Cinematography: Screencraft" (Ettedgui), or with the classic "Film Art: An Introduction" (Bordwell/Thompson).

Voilà, maintenant vous savez quoi demander au Père Noël.

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  1. Anonyme26.11.08

    Merci pour ces excellentes propositions...

    T'as toujours ta barbe blanche?