19 novembre 2009

Gordon Willis reçoit un Oscar pour son oeuvre

Une image du Manhattan de Woody Allen, photographié par Gordon Willis.
L'irrascible Gordon Willis a enfin reçu le Lifetime Achievement Award. Ce chef op était appelé le Prince des Ténèbres parce qu'il préférait explorer la pénombre plutôt que les hautes lumières.
Quelques bons mots glânés au cours de la soirée, rapportés par le New York Times:
After raising a toast to Gordon Willis, the cinematographer behind movies like "The Godfather" and "Manhattan,"Caleb Deschanel, a protégé, cut close to the bone by telling how Mr. Willis's salty ways had almost certainly kept him from winning an Oscar over the years.
Mr. Willis, he noted, had referred to professional peers as "flamethrowers," presumably for using what he believed was too much light. Many directors, he quoted Mr. Willis as saying, were just "dump trucks," who piled up film for an editor to sort out. As for Hollywood's film labs, he said, Mr. Willis dismissed them as "laundromats."
Accepting his Oscar, Mr. Willis, who is 78, has weak eyesight and is working less, had some consolation for the many actresses who objected to his preference for shadows, which often obscured their lovely faces.
"It's O.K.," he said. "It's over now. You're safe."